Clarity Air Quality Monitors

CleanAir Schools has partnered with Clarity to bring Australian schools the next generation of air quality monitors. Uniquely suited for indoor and outdoor use, these unobtrusive and robust monitors make localised air quality measurements more accessible, cost-effective and reliable than ever before. 

Installation and Maintenance

The CleanAir Schools team will initially meet and discuss the project with you to ensure any questions or concerns are resolved. After this consultation, we will install two air quality monitors in the partner school, one indoors and one outdoors. After installation and testing, we will provide details about how to access the online, real-time air quality readings and explain their significance. We will then discuss with you how best to develop STEM materials useful to your school. 

The monitors are portable and are either powered by solar panels for outdoor installation, or plugged into existing electricity outlets for inside installation.

The air quality monitors do not require regular maintenance. Should the unit malfunction, the CleanAir Schools team will be alerted and work with you to resolve the issue.

CleanAir Schools Subscription

Book and Pencil

A 12-month subscription to the CleanAir Schools program includes:

• Two Clarity Node monitors, a weather station and carbon dioxide monitor.
• Installation and maintenance support by the CleanAir Schools team.
• STEM tools developed with teachers and UNSW researchers.


CleanAir Schools can cover all the costs including the Clarity monitors on a case by case basis. Please do get in touch if your school would like to participate but are not able to commit financially.

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